Process and Subpoena Service



Service of process is necessary for many reasons, but the primary reason is to make sure that the due process of law is upheld in the United States.

In addition,  a Process Server is an essential part of civil society to ensure that legal papers are served in a highly effective and appropriate fashion.

Live Scan Fingerprinting FBI/DOJ



We utilize the DOJ Live Scan California licensed and approved digital fingerprinting technology to provide state and database checks. 

Mobile Services


  • Mobile Notary Services
  • Mobile DNA/Paternity Testing
  • Mobile Polygraph Services Available
  • Live Scan - A courteous and professional certified operator will travel to you to conduct a mobile Live Scan fingerprinting event. Our mobile Live Scan fingerprinting service is efficient and cost effective. The service is available at any time or day, evenings and weekends within a 24 to 48-hour notice. We ensure that all transactions are transmitted within 24 hours to the DOJ and/or FBI.

Court Case Research


Our investigations adhere to a strict confidentiality policy and keep your information secret. We can produce evidence and do anything to aid you &/or your attorney.

Eviction Assistance


We will assist the landlords with the eviction and unlawful detainer in the civil legal process to get an unwanted tenant out of your property. 

Skip Tracing


  Skip tracing is often utilized to locate a defendant, locate a witness, find a missing person, or research past addresses for a person of interest. By providing us with minimal information you can reveal a great deal to locate an individual. No matter what state the person resides in or if they have relocated, we can trace them. 

Polygraph Services Available


Call for availability and pricing.

Education/Identity/Credential Verification


As the number of applicants competing for jobs continues to grow, employers must be diligent when it comes to selecting candidates that are properly qualified for a position.

To identify if an individual has provided false or exaggerated credentials, it’s extremely important that employers thoroughly check the information supplied on the resume.

Research shows that 58% of hiring managers found a lie on a resume, and of those employers, one-third have experienced an increase in resume misrepresentations.  Bringing aboard a new hire that lacks the necessary credentials can result in a poor hiring situation and increased costs when having to start over to find the ideal employee.

*Using a third party to conduct education verifications can help employers save time and streamline the hiring process

Notary Services


Mobile Notary Services Available.

Tenant Screening


 A process used primarily by residential landlords and property managers to evaluate prospective tenants. The purpose is to assess the likelihood the tenant will fulfill the terms of the lease or rental agreement and will also take great care of the rental property in question.

DNA Paternity Testing


To determine whether two individuals are biologically parent and child. A paternity test establishes genetic proof whether a man is the biological father of an individual, and a maternity test establishes whether a woman is the biological mother of an individual.

Government Benefit Assitance


Looking to get approved for your government benefits? We can help with sending in the proper paperwork and getting you approved on a contingency basis. Call today to get started.